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Energy, is the backbone ofany modern day society. It is very evident that without the adequate supply ofelectrical energy in any civilized society, economic activities are almost brought to an abrupt end. Hence it has become most pertinent that a very reliable source ofenergy be put in place to cater for the many needs ofthe Nigeria business and social economic activities. read more .

Our Mission

To expand engineering capabilitiesbeyond the constraints of traditional engineering and promotion of local contents.

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Our Services

Hybrid Power plant

Is a modular power solution that provides clean, green, emission free electricity 24/7/365 days from 60KW to 100MW.

Solar power freezing container

Efficient cool system without the attendant riskofpower failure...maximum temperature ofabsolute zero guaranteed at all times.

Solar Powered street lights

Efficient and reliable solar powered traffic lights to solar powered ultimate street lights...with KarlotHYDRO POWERenergy solutions, darkness cannot comprehend We specialize in the development keep the road and its users safe at all times

Hydro power

We specialize in the development and implementation and maintenance ofmini hydropower system

Our advantages

20 Years of Experience

We are a specialist in our field, with over two decades of experiencing honing our skills in the energy industry, we have become better while improving, we have also serve wide range of customers with an array of projects. WIth good rtrack record and large customer base, we believe you can trust us with your projects.

More than 50 Successful Projects

We are gaining popularity for high quality, having over 50 major projects and many other micro projects, are projects are scattered across the thirty - six states of the nation, and we are set to do many more .


Technical expertise


Customer satisfaction


Community development


Timely delivery

Building natural emission free alternate energy supply

We at KARLOT ENERGY are passionate about giving Nigerians this natural, clean, green, emission free, 24/7/365 days affordable power solution for their everyday energy needs. Solar power is essential to the planet sustainable energy supply. According to the international Energy Agency, it is on the path to become the largest source ofelectricity by 2050

Active Research & development

To make renewable energy even more competitive, we are actively contributing to its development through research and development and industrial commitment led by KARLOT ENERGY LIMITED. As a renewable energy company, we have implemented hundreds ofsolar powered solutions in the North east and other parts ofthe country for both public and private organization like UNICEF, Nigeria Army, Karmod Nigeria, Lightera, Asolar Nigeria etc..

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